Add Sliding

A mod for Muck
About the Add Sliding mod

Experience enhanced mobility and agility with the 'Add Sliding' mod for Muck. Unleash the power of sliding in the game, allowing for seamless movement and precise control during your survival-roguelike adventures. Tailor your sliding function to a key of your choice and elevate your gameplay with newfound strategic opportunities.

Overview Video
Enhanced Mobility Options

Improve your gameplay with the ability to slide, adding a new dimension to your mobility and strategic movement in the game. Customize your controls by binding the sliding function to a preferred key, providing a personalized experience tailored to your playstyle.

Optimized Movement Strategies

By unlocking the sliding feature and enabling jumping while sliding, players can develop innovative movement strategies, creating dynamic and agile gameplay scenarios. Experience enhanced control and flexibility in traversing the game environment, opening new possibilities for exploration and survival.

Tailored Gameplay Experience

With the addition of sliding, players can fine-tune their gameplay experience, introducing a layer of fluidity and responsiveness to their actions. Enjoy the freedom to toggle sliding on and off, providing the versatility to build up speed and execute maneuvers with precision.

Extra Details

This mod adds sliding to the game. Bind the slide control to a key and enjoy the ability to slide. You will not be able to build up speed while sliding, so toggle it off, build up speed then toggle it on to slide. You can jump while sliding which can help you build up speed.

This modpack contains the following mods


Enabling this will cause your character to slide. You should bind this to a key, either a toggle bind or a key up + key down bind to turn it on and off.

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