Chaos Mode

A mod for Muck
About the Chaos Mode mod

Immerse yourself in the unpredictability of Muck with Chaos Mode, where every 69 seconds, a new Chaos Event unfolds, bringing an array of thrilling challenges and surprises. From waves of enemies to gravity shifts and free power-ups, Chaos Mode offers an experience like no other, allowing you to customize your adventure with an assortment of dynamic chaos events.

Overview Video
Customize Your Chaos

Embrace the unpredictable and customize your chaos experience in Muck, with the ability to trigger a new Chaos Event every 69 seconds. Dive into a world of unanticipated challenges, from facing waves of enemies to experiencing unique weather events, and much more, all within your control.

Constant Thrills and Surprises

Experience the ever-changing landscape of Muck with Chaos Mode, ensuring that every 69 seconds brings a fresh and unexpected twist. Enjoy the rush of facing low gravity, gaining free power-ups, and encountering a diverse array of chaotic events, keeping the excitement and challenge levels consistently high.

Unleash Untold Chaos

Unleash mayhem and adventure in Muck with Chaos Mode, offering a wide array of exciting Chaos Events. Whether you desire an onslaught of enemies, supernatural weather phenomena, or a sudden shift in gravity, this mod delivers unyielding excitement and keeps the gameplay experience engaging and unpredictable.

Extra Details

Want to experience a whole new side of Muck? Add some chaos to your game with this brand new Chaos event mode. Every 69 seconds (fully configurable) a new Chaos Event will occur. This could be a wave of enemies, low gravity, free power ups or a whole masive host of other possible Chaos Events. Can you discover them all?

This modpack contains the following mods

Chaos Event

Which Chaos Event will occur next. Define a random chaos event occur or a specific one.

Chaos Mode Event Duration

This is how long a given Chaos Mode event will last. (Applies to next event if changed)

Automatically Start Chaos Events

Turning this will trigger a new chaos mode event to start automatically every so often based on the interval setting.

Chaos Mode Auto Trigger Interval

This is how long between each automatic chaos event.

Start Another Chaos Event

This triggers a chaos mode event to occur instantly.

Stop All Chaos Events

This will stop all chaos mode events instantly.

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