Custom Items

A mod for Muck
About the Custom Items mod

Enhance your Muck experience with a powerful custom item system, allowing players to access a variety of items through an easy-to-navigate Custom Items tab. This mod not only diversifies your gameplay but also personalizes your survival journey, ensuring every session is unique to your style.

Unlock a World of Customization

Imagine being able to tailor your item collection specifically to your play style—this mod lets you do just that! With the Custom Items tab, exploring various item configurations becomes an integral part of your survival strategy, helping you thrive against the game's challenges.

Create Unique Gameplay Experiences

Dare to be different by customizing your items. Each playthrough can feel fresh and exciting as you experiment with new combinations and strategies. Whether you’re building a towering fortress or outsmarting enemies, this flexibility enhances the core Muck experience.

Ease of Access and Installation

Navigating the world of mods can be confusing, but this custom item mod is user-friendly and straightforward. Enjoy an effortless installation process that allows you to start personalizing your game right away—no technical skills needed!

Extra Details

A custom item system for Muck. This mod works with the Custom Items tab. The Custom Items tab allows you to give yourself a wide range of items. Access the custom items tab to explore all the possibilities now.

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