Disable Achievements

A mod for Muck
About the Disable Achievements mod

This mod offers Muck players the ability to disable achievement progress, ensuring that custom mod usage does not impact their in-game achievements. By enabling this mod, players can fully embrace modded gameplay while preserving their hard-earned achievements.

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Preserve Your Achievements Unaltered

Enjoy a modded gaming experience without impacting your achievements. With this mod, you can prevent any progress towards achievements while using custom mods, ensuring that your achievements remain untouched and earned through your original gameplay efforts.

Customize Your Modded Gaming Experience

Take control of your Muck gameplay by disabling achievement progress, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in modded adventures while preserving your accomplishments. This mod ensures that your achievements are safeguarded from any modifications typically associated with custom mods.

Achievement-Free Modding

Experience Muck in a whole new way by preventing achievement progress while using mods. With this mod, you can tailor your gameplay to your liking without affecting your hard-earned achievements, offering the freedom to explore modded content without compromising your in-game accomplishments.

Extra Details

Want to avoid getting achievements that you didn't earn? This mod disables achievement progress so you can enjoy a modded experience while leaving your achievements untouched.

This modpack contains the following mods

Disable Achievements

Enabling this option will prevent you from making any progress towards achievements.

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