Entity Spawner

A mod for Muck
About the Entity Spawner mod

Unlock the potential to enhance your Muck experience by easily spawning monsters, entities, items, and powerups right where you’re looking. With customizable options and a variety of creatures at your control, you can transform the way you survive in this thrilling roguelike adventure.

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Transform Your Muck Experience

Imagine the thrill of spawning monsters on-the-fly, right where your cursor points. This innovative feature lets you add excitement to your adventures in Muck, allowing for spontaneous challenges and exhilarating moments.

Customized Gameplay Awaits

With a wide range of spawning options at your fingertips—from powerful monsters to helpful items—you can tailor your gameplay experience to your liking. Set the scale and type of what you spawn for a unique twist every time you play.

Harness the Power of Variety

Diversity is key to survival, and this mod empowers you to spawn various types of monsters and powerups. By tailoring your battlefield, you can strategize differently with each session, keeping your gameplay fresh and engaging.

Extra Details

Allows you to spawn monsters where you're looking.

This modpack contains the following mods

Mob Type To Spawn

The type of monster to spawn.

Spawn Mob

Spawns the given mob where ever your cursor is.

Ent Type To Spawn

The type of entity to spawn.

Ent Spawn Scale

Set the scale of the entity you are spawning.

Spawn Ent

Spawns the given entity where ever your cursor is.

Powerup To Spawn

The type of powerup to spawn.

Spawn Powerup

Spawns the given powerup where ever your cursor is.

Item To Spawn

The type of item to spawn.

Spawn Item

Spawns the given mob where ever you're looking.

Spawn Count

When spawning things, this is how many of that thing to spawn. You can easily crash the game if you set this too high.

Refresh Available Options

Refresh what is available to spawn.

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