Give Powerups

A mod for Muck
About the Give Powerups mod

Enhance your survival journey in Muck by instantly granting yourself any powerup you desire. With a wide selection to choose from and the ability to customize the quantity, this mod is designed to make your gameplay more engaging and fun. Say goodbye to lengthy quests for powerups and step up your game with a quick selection that suits your style.

Elevate Your Gameplay Instantly

Imagine jumping straight into the action with the ability to grant yourself powerups at will. This mod empowers you to choose from a lineup of beneficial items, enabling you to tailor your gameplay experience according to your needs.

A Customizable Experience

With the option to specify how many powerups you want, this mod provides unmatched flexibility. Whether you’re looking to gain a significant advantage or just enjoy a little extra fun, you can easily adjust the quantity to fit your desired playstyle.

Stay Updated with Refresh Options

Always have the latest and greatest powerups at your fingertips. The refresh feature ensures that you can quickly access the most current items available in the game, making your gameplay fresh and exciting.

Extra Details

Instantly give yourself any powerup.

This modpack contains the following mods

Powerup To Give

The powerup to give yourself.

Refresh Powerup List

Refresh the list of powerups that are available.


The quantity to give.

Give Powerup

Instantly give yourself the selected powerup.

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