Infinite Jumps

A mod for Muck
About the Infinite Jumps mod

Ascend to new heights with this mod that empowers players to have an infinite number of jumps, granting them the freedom to explore, escape, and maneuver with boundless agility. Discover hidden secrets and previously inaccessible areas, allowing for limitless vertical movement and enhanced gameplay experiences.

Reach New Heights

Experience the freedom of boundless vertical movement, reach new and previously inaccessible areas in the game by customizing the player's jump capabilities.

Unrestricted Exploration

Discover hidden secrets and explore the game world without constraints. A limitless number of jumps allows for unhindered movement, leading to new discoveries and experiences.

Enhanced Gameplay

Escape danger, outmaneuver enemies, and navigate the environment with unparalleled agility. This mod introduces an unprecedented level of fluidity and dynamism to the gameplay.

Extra Details

Give yourself an infinite number of jumps. Jump as high as you want with this mod.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Jumps

Give you an endless number of jumps.

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