Inventory Manager

A mod for Muck
About the Inventory Manager mod

Effortlessly manage and optimize your inventory in Muck with this mod. Automatically sort items alphabetically, remove empty spaces, drop or duplicate items, and adjust stack counts as per your preference, ensuring a streamlined and efficient gaming experience.

Effortless Inventory Organization

Experience the convenience of automatically sorting and arranging your inventory in Muck. No need to waste time with manual reorganization - simply activate the mod and enjoy a neatly managed inventory.

Inventory Optimization On-Demand

Whether you want to sort items alphabetically, remove empty spaces, drop or duplicate all items, or adjust stack counts, this mod allows you to customize your inventory management based on your specific needs, providing ultimate control and flexibility.

Enhanced Item Handling

Streamline your gameplay with the ability to effortlessly manage your inventory in Muck. From eliminating empty spaces to duplicating items and adjusting stack counts, this mod offers a range of options to optimize your item organization and storage.

Extra Details

Sort and rearrange your inventory automatically.

This modpack contains the following mods

Sort Inventory Alphabetically

Sorts your inventory alphabetically, leaving no empty spaces and merging stacks.

Remove Empty Spaces From Inventory

Removes any empty slots in your inventory, moving all items up as far as possible and merges stacks.

Drop All Items

Drops every item you have into teh world.

Duplicate All Items

Drops every item you have into teh world, but will keep a copy in your inventory, effectively duplicating all the items you have.

Increase Stack Count

Adds 1 to the stack count of every item in your inventory, without going above the max for the given item.

Fill Stack Counts

Sets each of the items in your inventory to have the max stack count.

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