Player Size Modifier

A mod for Muck
About the Player Size Modifier mod

Unlock the ability to alter your player's size, movement speed, attack range, and interact distance with this mod. Explore a whole new dimension of gameplay as you customize your in-game experience in Muck.

Overview Video
Customize Your In-Game Avatar

With the ability to adjust your player's size, unlock a new level of creativity as you tailor your avatar to your preferred dimensions, and witness the impact on your gameplay dynamics.

Diverse Movement Speed Control

Alter your movement speed in Muck with the player size mod, as your pace becomes synchronized with your adjusted proportions, offering diverse tactical advantages.

Adapt Attack and Interact Ranges

Explore new strategic possibilities by modifying the attack range of your weapons and interact distance, adapting these parameters according to your player's alterations.

Extra Details

Allows you to change the size of your player, and control how the scale affects your player.

This modpack contains the following mods

Player Scale Modifier

Control the size of your player.

Scale Movement Speed

This will cause the scale to apply to your movement speed too. You'll move in proportion to your size.

Scale Attack Range

This will cause the scale to apply to your attack range of melee weapons, meaning the distance your weapons can reach will scale up too.

Scale Interact Distance

This will cause the scale to apply to your interact / use range, meaning you can open chests or pick things up that are far away, alomst like your hands are growing longer.

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