Player Stats

A mod for Muck
About the Player Stats mod

Take your gameplay to the next level with this dynamic mod that allows you to maintain full health, stamina, and hunger. Experience the game without the limitations of damage and resource management.

Master Survival Effortlessly

Imagine a gameplay experience where you have the ability to control your player stats completely. With this mod, you can prevent taking any damage, ensuring that every adventure is filled with exploration rather than survival anxiety.

Feel Invincible

This mod allows you to experience Muck like never before by restoring your HP to full capacity as soon as you need it. Whether you’re facing tough enemies or intense situations, you can dive right back into the action without skipping a beat.

Endless Adventures Await

Explore every corner of the Muck universe without the burden of hunger or stamina. With this mod, your hunger bar stays full, and you've got unlimited stamina, guaranteeing that your adventures are as long and daring as you want them to be.

Extra Details

Take control of your player stats. Prevent damage. Give yourself full hp, stamina and hunger. You will have god mode.

This modpack contains the following mods

No Damage

Prevents any players from taking damage.

Full HP

Sets your HP to match your full HP.

Full Stamina

Gives you unlimited stamina.

Full Hunger

Ensure your hunger bar remains full.

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