Rifles Weapon Pack

A mod for Muck
About the Rifles Weapon Pack mod

Diversify your gameplay with the Rifles Weapon Pack mod for Muck. This mod introduces an assortment of custom rifles, each with unique attributes such as damage, magazine size, and fire rate. From rapid-fire rifles to high-damage firearms, this mod enhances your arsenal with a variety of specialized weaponry, providing strategic advantages in combat scenarios.

Overview Video
Dominate the battlefield with custom rifles

Gain a strategic advantage by incorporating a range of rifles, each with its own unique attributes and playstyle. From high-powered rifles with smaller magazine sizes to rapid-fire rifles with larger ammo capacities, this mod brings a multitude of tactical options to the game.

Expand your arsenal with custom weaponry

Unlock a diverse selection of custom rifles, providing players with an expanded array of weaponry to wield against the challenges of the game. Experiment with different rifles, each offering distinctive advantages, to adapt to various combat scenarios and overcome adversaries.

Elevate gameplay with specialized firearms

Experience the thrill of wielding specialized rifles tailored to your preferred combat style. Whether you favor high damage output, fast fire rates, or extensive magazine capacities, this mod allows players to arm themselves with custom rifles that cater to their individual preferences and enhance their gameplay experience.

Extra Details

Rifles Mod for Muck. This modpack adds several unique and interesting rifles into Muck.

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