Skip Tutorial

A mod for Muck
About the Skip Tutorial mod

This mod offers the option to bypass the tutorial in Muck, providing players with the flexibility to start their game directly without the need to play through the introductory tutorial.

Seamless Gameplay Start

Streamline your Muck experience by effortlessly bypassing the tutorial. Enjoy the game without interruptions and delve straight into the survival-roguelike adventure.

Personalized Gaming Journey

Empower your Muck gameplay by eliminating the tutorial, tailor your initial experience according to your preferences, and focus on collecting resources, finding items, and building your base without the mandatory tutorial.

Enhanced Control and Flexibility

Take charge of your Muck gameplay by choosing to skip the tutorial. Gain the freedom to embark on your survival journey immediately, without constraints or compulsory tutorials.

Extra Details

Remove the tutorial from Muck. You no longer have to do the tutorial.

This modpack contains the following mods

Skip Tutorial

Will prevent the tutorial from coming up, or close the tutorial if it has already started.

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