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About the Teleporter mod

Seamlessly navigate the world of Muck with this innovative teleportation feature, enabling you to move effortlessly to any spot you desire. Choose precise coordinates or go relative based on your current position for a truly customizable experience!

Overview Video
Master the Map

Explore the vast world of Muck without the hassle of traversing over obstacles. With this teleportation feature, you can zoom to any point on the map, making it perfect for navigating complex environments or escaping pesky enemies.

Precision Placement

Utilize the precise coordinate feature to teleport to exactly where you need to be. Whether you’re gathering resources or avoiding danger, having the ability to input specific X, Y, Z coordinates can completely transform your gameplay experience.

Dynamic Movement

Experience the thrill of relative teleportation! This allows you to move based on your current position, offering a new level of adaptability during intense moments in the game. Seamlessly adjust your location with a simple toggle.

Extra Details

Want to quickly teleport and move around the map? This mod lets you teleport to a given position.

This modpack contains the following mods

X Coordinate

The X Coordinate you want to teleport to.

Y Coordinate

The Y Coordinate you want to teleport to.

Z Coordinate

The Z Coordinate you want to teleport to.

Teleport Is Relative

If this is enabled, you will teleport based on your current location. If this is disabled, you will teleport to the world coordinates.


Teleport the player to the selected (X,Y,Z) Coordinates.

Get Current Position

Gets your current position and fills it in the X,Y,Z Coordinates options.

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