Weapon Upgrades


Ever want to upgrade your weapons to be super powerful? Use the attack speed multiplier to attack faster, you can literally slam a rock into an enemy's face 1000 times per second if you want, or instantly cut down trees. Increase your damage to destroy monsters incredibly fast. Give yourself unlimited arrows so you no longer need to deal with ammo. Modify your bow to instantly draw back and shoot super far, turning your bow an arrows more or less into a gun.

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This modpack contains the following mods

Unlimited Arrows

If you currently have arrows equipped then this option will add one arrow to your arrow stack each time an arrow is fired, which will result in you gaining one arrow and losing one. This effectively means you will never run out of arrows.

Bow Force Multiplier

Multiply the force and pull back speed of your bow. A super high number will turn your bow into a gun. 100 is a good value.

Weapon Damage

Adjust the damage of your currently selected item.

Resource Damage

Adjust the resource damage of your currently selected item.

Weapon Attack Speed

Adjust the attack speed of the weapon. This adjusts how fast the bow will draw back, how fast your weapon swings and how fast you eat.

Max Stack Size

Adjust the max stack size of the currently selected item.