A mod for My Friend Pedro: Blood Bullets Bananas
About the Essentials mod

Empower your gaming experience with this mod that provides unlimited health, ammo, and focus, along with one-hit kills. Never worry about reloading or dying as you effortlessly conquer enemies in thrilling slow-motion action.

Overview Video
Unleash Unstoppable Power

Dominate every shootout as you become invincible with unlimited health and effortlessly eliminate enemies with one-hit kills. Uninterrupted action awaits!

Unmatched Agility and Precision

Engage in epic slow-motion gunfights with unlimited focus and experience seamless gameplay with no reloads. Precision and speed are now at your beck and call!

Redefine Intensity and Quickness

Revolutionize your gaming with instantaneous respawns and endless ammo. Stay in the heat of the battle without pause or hesitation. Victory is just a click away!

Extra Details

Give yourself unlimited health so you can withstand anything, get unlimited focus so you can stay in slow motion forever. Get unlimited ammo and finish off any enemy with a one hit kills mod. Grab this essentials pack to get started today.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlimited Health

Gives your unlimited health and instantly respawns you exactly where you are if you do actually die.

Unlimited Ammo No Reloads

Gives your weapon unlimited ammo with no reloads.

Unlimited Focus

Gives you unlimited focus, allowing you to go into slow motion and do flips forever. Use shift to activate focus by default.

One Hit Kills

Makes all your bullets kill with one shot. This works by setting the damage super high. It should kill most things pretty good.

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