Learn All Recipes

A mod for My Time At Portia
About the Learn All Recipes mod

Unlock all available recipes in My Time At Portia instantly and have them automatically added to your cookbook. Find all your unlocked recipes in the favorites tab, streamlining your gameplay and ensuring you have immediate access to a wide range of crafting and cooking options.

Master Cooking Instantly

Unlock all available recipes in My Time At Portia instantly, giving you immediate access to a plethora of cooking options. Find every unlocked recipe in your favorites tab, allowing for seamless and efficient gameplay.

Enhance Farming and Crafting

With this mod, all recipes in My Time At Portia will be added to your cookbook automatically, enriching your farming and crafting experience in the game. Unlock a world of possibilities by gaining immediate access to all available recipes, saving time and expanding your gameplay.

Streamlined Recipe Acquisition

Simplify your gaming experience with our mod, which instantly provides access to all in-game recipes. Say goodbye to tedious recipe hunting and hello to instant recipe unlocking, making your gaming experience in My Time At Portia effortless and enjoyable.

Extra Details

Instantly learn all recipes. All the available recipes will be added to your cookbook. The recipes will appear in your favorites tab.

This modpack contains the following mods

Learn All Recipes

Instantly learn all recipes.

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