Give Coins

A mod for Neon Abyss
About the Give Coins mod

Unlock the potential of your Neon Abyss adventures with a simple yet powerful tool that instantly adds coins to your stash. Tailor the amount you receive and enjoy a more liberating experience in the game.

Overview Video
Maximize Your Experience

Imagine diving into Neon Abyss without worrying about coin limitations. This mod allows you to give yourself a significant amount of coins instantly so that you can focus on exploring the game's endless item combinations and strategic possibilities.

Boost Your Strategic Play

With the ability to choose how many coins to receive, you can tailor your gameplay experience. This feature lets you experiment with different strategies and tackle challenges with confidence, all while enjoying a faster-paced adventure.

Skip the Grind

Forget about the slow and tedious process of collecting coins in Neon Abyss. This mod empowers you to enhance your gameplay without the grind, elevating your fun and freeing you to enjoy the game’s dynamic and ever-changing environment.

Extra Details

Instantly give yourself a specified amount of coins.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of Coins to Give

The amount of coins to give.

Give Coins

Give the specified amount of coins.

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