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Explore 7 mods across 4 modpacks for NGU IDLE.

Infinite Health
Empower your character with unyielding strength through this mod. Activate infinite health and god mode to achieve invincibility, ensuring you never face defeat in NGU IDLE.
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    Drain Boss Health
    This mod enables players to swiftly drain the health of bosses during gameplay, providing a significant advantage by making boss fights easier and more enjoyable. By allowing for faster and more accessible boss confrontations, this mod enhances the overall gaming experience.
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      Give EXP
      Empower your gaming experience in NGU IDLE with the ability to instantly give yourself a specified amount of EXP, eliminating the need for tedious grind and enhancing your progress within the game.
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        Give Idle Energy
        Elevate your NGU IDLE gameplay with the ability to instantly acquire a customizable amount of idle energy, granting you the power to accelerate progress and achieve new milestones effortlessly.
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          NGU Idle is a Free To Play Idle game that's full of weird humor, tons of upgrades and hundreds of hours of content! Try out NGU Idle today and experience the joy of Numbers Going Up!