Can't Die

A mod for Nightmare of Decay
About the Can't Die mod

Empower your character with the ability to prevent any damage or death, ensuring a prolonged and fear-free gameplay experience in the nightmarish manor of Nightmare of Decay.

Overview Video
Immortal Gameplay

Revel in a game with endless possibilities as you disable character damage, ensuring your survival and allowing you to delve deeper into the nightmarish manor without fear of dying.

Endless Battles

Experience the thrill of relentless combat with the ability to prevent any damage to your character, guaranteeing your progression and enabling you to engage in unyielding confrontations with zombies and cultists.

Fearless Exploration

Embark on fearless exploration through a horror-filled manor with your character's immortality assured, offering a chance to fully immerse yourself in the decaying nightmare, braving all the horrors that lie ahead.

Extra Details

Prevent your character from taking damage and from dying.

This modpack contains the following mods

Can't Die

Prevent your character from taking any damage or dying.

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