Dungeon Mode Give Credits

A mod for Nightmare of Decay
About the Dungeon Mode Give Credits mod

Empower your Nightmare of Decay experience by granting yourself additional credits in the challenging dungeon escape game mode. With the flexibility to customize the number of credits you receive, enhance your gaming adventure and immerse yourself further into the nightmarish manor.

Overview Video
Dungeon Mode Customization

Tailor your Nightmare of Decay dungeon mode experience by adjusting the number of credits to match your playstyle, giving yourself the flexibility to enjoy the game as you desire.

Enhanced Gaming Experience

Amplify your Nightmare of Decay gameplay by giving yourself extra credits in the dungeon escape mode, offering greater freedom to explore the game's challenges and mechanics.

Personalize Your Adventure

Take control of your Nightmare of Decay journey with the ability to give yourself extra credits, providing a personalized and enriched gaming adventure in the dungeon escape game mode.

Extra Details

Give yourself extra credits in the dungeon mode.

This modpack contains the following mods

Number of Credits to Give

The number of credits to give in the dungeon escape gamemode.

Give Credits

Give yourself the extra credits. Ensure you are loaded into the dungeon escape gamemode for this to work correctly.

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