Unlimited Ammo

A mod for Nightmare of Decay
About the Unlimited Ammo mod

Enjoy the freedom of relentless firepower with this mod, granting you unlimited ammunition for your guns. Never worry about running out of ammo again as you unleash an uninterrupted assault on the nightmarish enemies within Nightmare of Decay.

Overview Video
Ammunition Freedom

Revel in the liberty of unrestricted firepower with this mod. Never fear running low on ammunition again as you unleash a relentless assault on the nightmarish hordes within Nightmare of Decay.

Endless Firepower

Secure your victory with limitless firepower. This mod ensures you never need to scavenge for ammo or hold back during intense combat, allowing you to maintain a continuous onslaught against your enemies.

Tactical Advantage

Gain a tactical edge in Nightmare of Decay with unlimited ammo. Focus solely on decimating enemies without the hassle of ammo management, providing you with a distinct advantage in your fight for survival.

Extra Details

Your guns no longer consume ammo, giving you unlimited ammo.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlimited Ammo

Make your guns no longer consume ammo, giving you unlimited ammo.

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