No Enemy Damage

A mod for Nimbatus - The Space Drone Constructor
About the No Enemy Damage mod

This modification removes any damage caused by enemies, allowing players to engage in the vast universe of Nimbatus without the threat of enemy attacks. This empowering feature enhances gameplay by enabling players to explore, create, and design freely without the fear of losing their drones to enemy combatants.

Unleash Your Creativity

Without enemy damage affecting your drones, you can dive into the creative aspects of building and experimenting with different parts. Craft the ultimate drone without the fear of enemy attacks derailing your plans.

Explore Without Limits

Experience the game’s procedural universe in its entirety. With this mod, you can explore new environments and challenges without the risk of losing hard-earned progress to enemy damage.

Play Your Way

This mod provides a unique opportunity to redefine your gaming experience. Focus on strategy and design rather than combat, allowing for innovative gameplay approaches that are sure to impress fellow players.

Extra Details

Stops all enemy damage. Enemies can no longer deal damage.

This modpack contains the following mods

No Enemy Damage

Stops all damage caused by enemies.

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