Reset Threat Level

A mod for Nimbatus - The Space Drone Constructor
About the Reset Threat Level mod

Experience the thrill of crafting drones without the looming threats! This mod empowers you to instantly reset your threat level in Nimbatus, allowing for a creative and free-flowing gameplay experience. Focus on building and exploring the vast universe without the constant pressures of danger.

Unleash Your Creativity

With the ability to instantly reset your threat level, you can dive deep into the creative aspects of drone creation. This mod allows you to experiment and build without fear, making your gameplay experience richer and more fulfilling.

Enhanced Gameplay Freedom

Remove the stress of continually managing threats, and allow yourself the room to explore various strategies and drone designs. This mod opens up a world of possibilities for players who want to enjoy the sandbox mode without interruptions.

Seamless Integration

This mod blends effortlessly into your Nimbatus adventure, ensuring you can reset your threat level with just a click. Embrace a smoother gameplay experience that prioritizes your enjoyment and creativity over constant danger.

Extra Details

Instantly reset threat level.

This modpack contains the following mods

Reset Threat Level

Instantly reset threat level.

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