Organs Please

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Give Savings Money
Enhance your gameplay experience with a simple yet powerful tool that instantly increases your savings money. Whether you want a quick boost to fund your next big project or to explore more options in your recycling factory, this mod provides a flexible way to manage your resources, giving you complete control over your financial strategy.
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    Add Celebrity to Queue
    Elevate your Organs Please experience by adding celebrities to your queue! Whether you want to save Harry Potter or sacrifice a character like Spock, this mod introduces a playful twist to your recycling factory operations. Refresh your celebrity list and keep the entertainment rolling as you determine their fates in a satirical management sim.
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      Add Streamer to Queue
      Elevate your gameplay by adding a popular Twitch streamer to your adventure in Organs Please. This mod allows you to customize your experience, keeping it fresh and engaging as you navigate the dark, satirical world of human recycling.
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        Give Resources
        Effortlessly enhance your gameplay with the ability to instantly generate an array of vital resources like blood, hair, skin, meat, and bones. This mod provides unlimited access to these materials, allowing for greater creativity and strategy in your recycling factory.
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          About Organs Please

          A dark and satirical management sim, where you take control of a recycling factory with a twist: it recycles humans. Your job is to decide who gets to escape our dying planet in a cozy spaceship and who sacrifices their blood, sweat and tears for humanity. Literally.