Instant Research

A mod for Outpath: First Journey
About the Instant Research mod

Experience a new level of gaming efficiency with this mod that allows you to complete research instantly while still gathering the necessary resources. Say goodbye to long wait times and hello to a more dynamic gameplay experience as you unlock new technologies at your preferred pace.

Unlock Technologies at Your Own Pace

Imagine exploring all the intriguing technologies in Outpath without the hassle of long research times. This mod allows you to gather resources while unlocking advancements, making the journey quicker and more enjoyable for you.

Balance Effort with Convenience

Striking the right balance between effort and convenience is essential. With this mod, you still need to collect resources, maintaining a sense of achievement while speeding up your technological progress within the game.

A Perfect Fit for All Playstyles

Whether you prefer fast-paced gameplay or a more laid-back experience, this enhancement adapts to your style. You can now dive into the game and focus on crafting and building, while research waits for you at the click of a button!

Extra Details

This mod adds a feature that allows players to instantly complete any research in the game, but the required resources must still be gathered. With this mod, players no longer have to spend time researching new technologies, but they must still gather the necessary resources. This mod offers a new level of convenience and efficiency, allowing players to unlock new technologies and advance more quickly, while still requiring some effort to gather the necessary resources. Whether looking to speed up their progress or just looking for a more relaxed gaming experience, this mod provides a new and improved research system.

This modpack contains the following mods

Instant Research

Make research instant.

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