Score Assistant

A mod for Overcooked! 2
About the Score Assistant mod

Enhance your Overcooked 2 experience with a score assistant that guarantees success in passing every objective, improving your score, and securing maximum stars on all levels, making conquest a certainty and turning every level into a triumph.

Achieve Flawless Objectives

Ensure consistent success by seamlessly passing every objective without fear of failing, making conquest a certainty.

Maximize Your Star Collection

By securing maximum stars on all levels, enjoy unparalleled success and effortlessly rise to new heights, conquering the culinary world with ease.

Supercharge Your Score

Elevate your score effortlessly, unlocking new possibilities and accomplishments you never thought possible, turning every level into a triumph.

Extra Details

Want to pass every objective without fail? Want to improve your score? This score assistant will help you improve your score.

This modpack contains the following mods

Can't Fail Objectives

Tells the game that you've beaten every objective, preventing you from failing any objectives.

Always Get Max Stars

Will give you 3 stars on every campaign level regardless of how well you did. Will give you 4 stars in new game plus.

Win Level

Win the current level and get the max number of stars.

Finish Level

Finish the current level, your star rating will depend on your actual score.

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