Order Manager

A mod for Overcooked
About the Order Manager mod

Take charge of order management in Overcooked with this mod. Prevent orders from timing out, set a minimum and maximum number of orders, and instantly add orders, enhancing your culinary gaming experience.

Efficient Order Management

Optimize your cooking strategy by setting a range for the number of orders your team can handle, preventing them from timing out and adding new orders instantly, ensuring a smooth and organized cooking experience.

Customize Your Gameplay

Tailor the game to your liking by customizing the minimum and maximum number of orders, giving you greater control and flexibility over the order management system within the game.

Enhanced Gaming Experience

Take your Overcooked experience to the next level with improved order management, allowing for a stress-free and seamless cooking adventure as you focus on delivering culinary delights without the worry of orders expiring.

Extra Details

Prevent orders from timing out. Set a min and max number of orders. Instantly add an order.

This modpack contains the following mods

Max Orders

The max number of orders you can get at any given point in time.

Min Orders

The min number of orders you will have at any point. You will never go above the max number of orders.

Orders Never Time Out

Prevent orders from ever timing out.

Add Order

Adds an order, you can't add more than the max number of orders if the option is enabled.

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