Player Movement

A mod for Owinka Shooter
About the Player Movement mod

Unlock a new level of gameplay with the ability to control your character's speed, jump height, and gravity in Owinka Shooter. Customize each aspect to enhance your escape from an evil facility, ensuring an exhilarating experience every time.

Experience Unmatched Speed

Ever felt that your character's movement was holding you back? With the ability to customize how fast you move, you'll be racing through the game like never before. Outrun your foes and make your escape smoother than ever!

Reach New Heights with Incredible Jumps

Imagine leaping to dizzying new heights as you navigate through challenges. By adjusting your jump height, you gain the capability to access hidden areas and evade enemies, adding a fresh layer of excitement to your gameplay.

Master Gravity for Tactical Control

Gravity can make all the difference in an action-packed game. Modifying the strength of gravity allows for clever tricks, making it easier to strategize your movements and escape tactics. Don't let gravity hold you back from victory!

Extra Details

Control various aspects of your players movement such as Player Speed, Jump Height and Gravity Strength.

This modpack contains the following mods

Player Speed

The speed you want to set for the player. The default is 1.

Set Speed

Set the specified player speed.

Jump Height

Set how high your player can jump. A value of 2 would be 2x higher than normal. The default is 1.

Set Jump Height

Set the specified height for player jumps. The default is 1.


Set the strength of gravity. A value of 2 would be 2x weaker than normal gravity. The default is 1.

Set Gravity

Set the specified power of gravity.

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