Enable Debug Mode

A mod for Oxygen Not Included
About the Enable Debug Mode mod

This mod enables debug mode in Oxygen Not Included, providing players with access to advanced game controls and a new range of key binds. Once activated, you can enhance your gameplay experience by exploring various debug functionalities for testing and modifications.

Unleash Your Creativity

With debug mode activated, you can creatively experiment with the game mechanics in Oxygen Not Included. Tinker with different settings and observe their immediate impact, giving you the chance to refine your strategies and build techniques.

Master Advanced Features

Unlock new layers of gameplay by exploring the debug controls. This mod allows you to quickly access and utilize advanced features that can enhance your experience, making complex scenarios much easier to navigate.

Transform Your Duplicants' Journey

Ready to change the way you play? This mod's debug mode offers unique cheats that can drastically enhance your duplicants' survival chances, letting you dive deeper into the game with confidence and excitement.

Extra Details

Enables debug mode. Once enabled, it adds a new section of key binds in the Options -> Game -> Controls -> Debug. Try pressing backspace.

This modpack contains the following mods

Enable Debug Mode

Enables Debug Mode. Try pressing backspace once it is enabled. For more info. have a look at the debug controls in the Options -> Game -> Controls -> Debug.

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