Free & Instant Research

A mod for Oxygen Not Included
About the Free & Instant Research mod

Unleash the potential of your Oxygen Not Included colony by obtaining all research items instantly and for free. With this mod, you can eliminate the need to pay for research, and simply unlock all research with a single click, enabling your colony to thrive and flourish.

Upgrade Your Game with Cost-free Research

Enhance your Oxygen Not Included experience by gaining immediate access to all research items without spending any in-game currency. Say goodbye to research-cost worries and enjoy unlocking all research effortlessly.

Boost Your Colony's Progress Instantly

Empower your colony to progress at an unprecedented pace by instantly unlocking every research item at no cost. With this mod, you can focus on advancing your colony's technology without the hindrance of researching costs.

Elevate Your Gameplay with Instant Research

Step into a game-changing experience where every research item in Oxygen Not Included is now attainable instantly and for free. This mod allows you to swiftly advance and explore new technologies without any financial burden.

Extra Details

Research is free. You can do research for free and won't need to pay for research. Build a research station, open the research menu, and simply click on research to unlock it. Instantly unlock all research.

This modpack contains the following mods

Free Research

Gives you free research. Unlock the research menu and then click on any research item to instantly unlock it for free.

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