Player Stats

A mod for Oxygen Not Included
About the Player Stats mod

Transform your gameplay with the ability to give your Duplicants endless breath, infinite stamina, and the freedom from managing their basic needs. Breathe easy and focus on creating a thriving colony in the depths of space without the usual restrictions.

Explore the Deep Depths

With the ability for your Duplicants to breathe anywhere, you can fearlessly explore the vast alien landscape without the stress of oxygen shortages. Dive into the unknown and uncover hidden resources waiting to be discovered.

Maximize Your Colony's Efficiency

Experience unparalleled productivity as your Duplicants operate without the need for sleep. This mod ensures they are always ready to take on new challenges, allowing you to create the most efficient colony possible.

Focus on Survival, Not Maintenance

Forget about managing oxygen levels or caloric intake constantly. With your Duplicants always having full breaths and empty bladders, you can concentrate on expanding your colony and overcoming new obstacles without the usual limitations.

Extra Details

Allow your Duplicants to breath anywhere and give your Duplicants unlimited oxygen / breath. Give your Duplicants unlimited stamina so they don't need to sleep. Keep your Duplicants bladder completely empty. Give your Duplicants full calories and keep them fed.

This modpack contains the following mods

Make Everywhere Breathable

Changes it so everywhere becomes a breathable area, allowing your Duplicants to breath freely anywhere.

Unlimited Breath

Provides your Duplicants with unlimtied breath, setting the breath stat to full.

Unlimited Stamina

Forces your Duplicants to have full stamina, preventing them from ever needing to sleep.

Empty Bladder

Forces your Duplicants to have an empty bladder.

Max Calories

Forces your Duplicants to have the maximum number of calories.

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