Set Temperature

A mod for Oxygen Not Included
About the Set Temperature mod

Effortlessly customize and manage the temperatures of your Duplicants in Oxygen Not Included. Create a comfortable in-game environment and optimize their well-being with personalized temperature settings.

Personalized Environment Control

Take charge of your duplicants' comfort by setting the temperature to your preferred value. Create a personalized in-game environment to optimize their working conditions and ensure their well-being.

Effortless Temperature Management

Streamline gameplay by effortlessly managing duplicant temperatures with an intuitive mod. Eliminate the hassle of manually adjusting temperatures and enjoy an enhanced gaming experience with streamlined control.

Enhanced Gaming Experience

Elevate your Oxygen Not Included gameplay by efficiently managing duplicant temperatures. This mod offers a seamless and convenient way to enhance your gaming experience, providing a customizable approach to temperature control.

Extra Details

Set the temperature of all your Duplicants or lock at it a specific value.

This modpack contains the following mods

Temperature to Set

The temperature to set your Duplicants to. A value of 37 is a good value.

Set Temperature

Set the temperature of all your Duplicants to this temperature.

Lock Temperature

Lock the temperature of your Duplicants to the specified value.

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