Can't Die

A mod for PAC-MAN 256
About the Can't Die mod

Elevate your PAC-MAN 256 experience with an invincible mode that allows you to play without the fear of losing a life. The mod ensures that no element in the game can defeat you, offering an entirely new way to enjoy this classic game.

Unbeatable Gameplay

Experience PAC-MAN 256 like never before with an unbeatable mode, giving you the power to survive any challenge within the game, including the notorious glitch.

Infinite Challenge

Embrace a new dimension of challenge as you engage in PAC-MAN 256 without the fear of running out of lives. Test your skills limitlessly and enjoy the thrill of the game at its fullest.

Become Indestructible

Discover the joy of unstoppable gameplay with PAC-MAN 256. Arm yourself with invincibility and redefine your gaming experience with total immunity against all threats.

Extra Details

You can't die. Nothing can kill you, not even the glitch.

This modpack contains the following mods

Can't Die

You can't die.

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