Give EXP

A mod for Pacifish
About the Give EXP mod

Boost your gaming experience in Pacifish by instantly giving yourself a specified amount of exp, allowing for rapid level up and enhanced fishing management. Tailor your exp gains to fit your preferred pacing and explore diverse gameplay paths with this customizable mod.

Customize Your Progression

Easily tailor your exp gains to match your preferred pace and the gameplay experience you aim for in Pacifish. Whether you prefer a more rapid progression or a slower, incremental approach, this mod allows personalized gaming.

Diverse Gameplay Paths

With the ability to gain exp at your own pace, this mod opens up diverse gameplay paths. You can choose to focus on specific aspects of fishing management or explore different avenues of the game's mechanics, creating an enhanced and versatile gaming experience.

Effortless Leveling Up

Seamlessly level up and progress in Pacifish with the ability to instantly give yourself a specified amount of exp. Whether you want to level up rapidly or take a more steady approach, this mod brings effortless leveling up to your gaming journey.

Extra Details

Instantly give yourself a specified amount of exp. Level up super fast.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of EXP to Give

The amount of exp to give.

Give EXP

Give the specified amount of exp.

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