Hatch Fish

A mod for Pacifish
About the Hatch Fish mod

Gain an edge in Pacifish with the ability to instantly hatch a specified amount of fish, providing efficient shortcuts for game progression and customization options to best suit your gaming style.

Customize Fish Hatching

Tailor the amount of fish hatched to suit your gaming needs, making progression in the game smoother and more efficient.

Faster Game Progression

Gain an instant advantage with the ability to hatch a specific amount of fish, perfect for players seeking to expedite game advancement and take their gameplay to the next level.

Enhanced Gaming Experience

Access a helpful tool to effortlessly hatch fish and enrich your gaming experience, providing an easy way to strengthen your in-game resources and achievements.

Extra Details

Instantly hatch yourself a specified amount of fish.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of Fish to Hatch

The amount of fish to hatch.

Hatch Fish

Hatch the specified amount of fish.

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