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Give Hearts
Empower yourself with the ability to instantly give a specified amount of hearts, essential for upgrading heart technologies and advancing your dinosaur development in Parkasaurus. This mod offers the convenience of quick and effortless enhancement of vital dinosaur features, enabling you to craft a more immersive and personalized gaming experience.
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    Give Money
    Empower yourself to efficiently manage financial growth in Parkasaurus by instantly adding a specified amount of money to fuel your park's development and maximize profits.
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      Give Science
      This mod for Parkasaurus offers the ability to instantly acquire a specified amount of science points, crucial for upgrading science technologies in the game. By using this mod, players can streamline their progression and efficiently manage their dinosaur theme park, making strategic decisions to foster growth and success.
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        About Parkasaurus

        Parkasaurus is a dinosaur tycoon management simulation where you take care of your dinosaurs by constructing well-designed exhibits, researching specialized technologies, and maximizing profits to expand into the ultimate dinosaur theme park. Do you favor development for guests or your dinosaurs?