Pixel Art Coloring Book

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Auto Select Correct Color
Enhance your pixel art creativity with a powerful tool that automatically selects the correct color for every pixel you click on. Say goodbye to mistakes and focus on bringing your artistic visions to life effortlessly.
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    Experience a whole new level of relaxation while coloring pixel art with this amazing instant solve feature. Perfect for players of all ages, this mod allows you to resolve the current pixel art with the simple click of a button, eliminating stress and guesswork, and ensuring you enjoy every moment of creativity.
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      About Pixel Art Coloring Book

      Pixel Art Coloring Book easily removes your stress! A huge range of colorful pixel art images in this coloring book is for ALL AGES! Relax while coloring awesome pixel art coloring pages. Start color by number today & feel better. It's simple. It's good. It's fun.