Give DNA Points

A mod for Plague Inc: Evolved
About the Give DNA Points mod

Customize your DNA Points and gain a strategy advantage with this mod for Plague Inc: Evolved. Tailor the number of DNA Points added and reset them to zero to create your perfect pathogen evolution strategy.

Maximize Your DNA Points

Tailor the number of DNA Points added to suit your strategy, giving you a tailored advantage when evolving your pathogen. This empowers you to compete more effectively against humanity's defenses as you work to devastate the global population.

Strategic Reset

Resetting DNA Points to zero allows you to strategize and adapt your approach, maintaining a flexible edge in your mission to evolve a lethal, worldwide Plague. This offers a unique way to rethink and execute your strategy and tactics, factoring in all possible scenarios.

Game-Changing Modification

This mod provides a game-changing solution for players, offering them a unique advantage when evolving their pathogen. It gives access to a crucial element that can significantly alter the gameplay, providing an exciting and fresh perspective for fans of the game.

Extra Details

Instantly give yourself DNA points.

This modpack contains the following mods

DNA Points

The number of DNA points to add.

Give DNA Points

Give yourself the DNA Points.

Reset DNA Points

Set your DNA Points to zero.

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