Prevent Cure

A mod for Plague Inc: Evolved
About the Prevent Cure mod

Enhance your Plague Inc: Evolved experience by stopping any potential cures in their tracks. This mod ensures your disease spreads without the threat of being cured, allowing you to focus on strategic domination.

Master Your Strategies

By disabling the cure process, you gain a strategic advantage. Focus entirely on evolving and spreading your pathogen without the constant concern of a cure being developed.

Enjoy Uninterrupted Gameplay

Experience seamless gameplay as this mod ensures that your plague remains uncured. Immerse yourself in the thrill of worldwide infection without worrying about a cure halting your progress.

Control the Fate of Humanity

Take full control of the game's outcome. With the cure prevention feature, you can design your own strategies to unleash chaos across the globe freely.

Extra Details

Prevent your disease from being cured.

This modpack contains the following mods

Prevent Cure

Prevent a cure from being discovered. This works by resetting all the progress for the cure. The cure progress will be at zero if you turn this option off. Time needs to proceed for the game to update and the progress to be reset to zero.

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