Prevent Mutations

A mod for Plague Inc: Evolved
About the Prevent Mutations mod

Take charge of your epidemic like never before. With this mod, you can prevent your disease from randomly mutating, allowing you to handpick its traits and ensure it evolves precisely the way you want. Say goodbye to unwanted changes and hello to strategic gameplay.

Full Control Over Your Pathogen

Imagine having the power to precisely determine how your disease evolves. By using this mod, you can take charge of your pathogen's traits and abilities, eliminating the uncertainty of any random mutations. This means strategic choices can lead your disease to become the ultimate weapon against humanity.

Enhance Your Strategic Gameplay

Without the interference of random mutations, you can focus on crafting a plan that suits your play style. This mod allows you to build a disease that plays to your strengths, making every decision count as you aim to decimate populations globally.

Frustration-Free Experience

Forget about the unpredictability of unwanted mutations derailing your strategy. This mod provides you with the peace of mind to execute your well-laid plans without being caught off guard by unexpected changes. You'll enjoy a smoother, more enjoyable gaming experience.

Extra Details

Prevent the disease from randomly mutating. Take full control over your disease and pick exactly what you want.

This modpack contains the following mods

No Random Mutations

Prevent your disease from randomly mutating.

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