The Unlock Mod

A mod for Plague Inc: Evolved
About the The Unlock Mod mod

Unlock all the cheats, diseases, genes, and scenarios in Plague Inc: Evolved instantly with this incredible mod. No more grinding or restrictions—dive straight into strategizing your ultimate pathogen and watch humanity succumb to your deadly brilliance.

Overview Video
Unlock Your Potential

Experience the ultimate freedom in gameplay by unlocking all built-in cheats. This ensures you have every tool at your disposal to strategize and dominate the competition.

Diverse Gameplay Awaits

With quick access to all diseases, players can experiment with various strategies and discover the most effective ways to infect and eradicate humanity.

Immediate Scenario Challenges

Tackle every scenario from the start and engage in thrilling gameplay without waiting. Jump right into the action and put your skills to the test.

Extra Details

Having trouble unlocking stuff? We got you fam! This mod pack unlocks all the cheats, diseases, genes and scenarios for you instantly.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlock All Cheats

Unlock all built-in cheats.

Unlock All Diseases

Unlock all built-in diseases.

Unlock All Genes

Unlock all built-in genes.

Unlock All Scenarios

Unlock all built-in scenarios.

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