Infinite Patience

A mod for PlateUp!
About the Infinite Patience mod

Say goodbye to the stress of time restrictions in PlateUp with the Infinite Patience mod. Never worry about losing customers due to impatience as this mod resets their patience constantly, allowing you to play without limits.

Enjoy Endless Customer Patience

Experience a stress-free gaming session with the ability to serve customers without worrying about time limits or lost patience. This mod offers a seamless and enjoyable PlateUp experience.

Eliminate Time Limits

Feel the relief of playing PlateUp without the constant stress of customer impatience. With customer patience constantly resetting, enjoy uninterrupted gameplay and focus on honing your culinary skills.

Enhance Gaming Experience

Eliminate frustration by ensuring customers' patience never runs out. This mod provides an opportunity to savor the game's challenges without being hindered by time constraints.

Extra Details

Gives you infinite patience. Customer's patience will constantly be reset.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Patience

Gives you infinite patience.

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