Prehistoric Kingdom

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Instant Research & Incubations
Accelerate your gameplay with the Instant Research & Incubations mod for Prehistoric Kingdom. Complete research and incubation activities instantly, bypassing time-consuming processes and ensuring swift progress through the game.
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    Give Money
    Elevate your gameplay with the ability to instantly provide yourself with a specified amount of money, enhancing your resources and enabling new possibilities within the game.
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      Set Park Rating
      Elevate your Prehistoric Kingdom experience with the ability to set your park rating between 0 and 5, unlocking new creative possibilities and control over your unique zoo.
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        Unlock Animal
        Enhance your Prehistoric Kingdom experience with this mod that allows you to instantly unlock new animals, access all animals at a click, and efficiently refresh the animal list. Say goodbye to waiting and hello to unlimited animal options, making zoo management more exciting and diverse.
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          About Prehistoric Kingdom

          Take control of limitless power in Prehistoric Kingdom to build, manage and grow the ultimate zoo for extinct animals.