Give Agility

A mod for Punch Club
About the Give Agility mod

Elevate agility levels in Punch Club effortlessly with the 'Give Agility' mod. Tailor your gameplay to your exact preferences by adjusting your agility, providing complete control over your gaming experience.

Enhance Agility with Precise Control

Adjust your agility level in Punch Club on your terms. With this mod, customize the amount of agility you want, dialing in exactly what your gameplay requires.

Take Your Punch Club Experience to New Levels

Inject new life into your Punch Club gameplay with this mod. Elevate your agility to unprecedented levels and enjoy a dynamic and captivating gaming experience.

Easy and Seamless Mod Installation

Experience a hassle-free mod installation. This mod is designed for effortless integration, enabling you to swiftly elevate and customize your agility in Punch Club.

Extra Details

Instantly give yourself a specified amount of agility.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of Agility to Give

The amount of agility to give.

Give Agility

Give the specified amount of agility.

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