Give Skill Points

A mod for Punch Club
About the Give Skill Points mod

Unlock a new level of excitement in Punch Club by effortlessly awarding yourself skill points. This mod allows you to adjust your skill level at will, providing the freedom to tailor your character's strengths without the typical grind.

Maximize Your Potential Instantly

Imagine being able to level up your character without the usual grind. With just a few clicks, you can grant yourself the exact number of skill points you desire, giving you the edge in every fight.

Tailor Your Character's Strengths

Every player has their unique style, and this feature allows you to enhance your character's skills according to your strategy. Whether you want to be faster or stronger, you can direct the flow of skill points to suit your gameplay.

Enjoy a Seamless Gaming Experience

Stop worrying about the tedious grind for skill points. This tool simplifies your experience, allowing you to focus on training hard and taking down opponents, rather than spending hours trying to earn points.

Extra Details

Instantly give yourself a specified amount of skill points.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of Skill Points to Give

The amount of skill points to give.

Give Skill Points

Give the specified amount of skill points.

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