Bigger Boat Adds Sharks

A mod for Raft
About the Bigger Boat Adds Sharks mod

Immerse yourself in an evolving ocean experience where each foundation you add to your raft introduces a brand-new shark. This mod allows you to customize your adventure by defining the number of sharks that accompany you on your perilous journey, ensuring every game session is uniquely thrilling and packed with suspense.

Create Your Shark Haven

Transform your floating paradise into a shark-infested haven by adding foundations. Discover how adding new platforms can spawn an exciting array of sharks, allowing you to personalize the challenge of survival on the open sea.

Control Your Challenges

Take full control of your oceanic adventure by setting how many sharks spawn with each new foundation. Whether you want an easygoing experience or a full-blown shark frenzy, this mod lets you craft your gameplay to your liking.

Challenge Your Friends

Invite friends to explore the unpredictably thrilling waters of the game. Use the ability to manually spawn additional sharks, creating fun and unexpected challenges as you all navigate the treacherous sea together.

Extra Details

A new shark will be added each time you add a platform to your boat.

This modpack contains the following mods

Sharks Per Foundation

How many sharks to add for each foundation that is added. A decimal value of 0.5 will add 1 shark for every 2 foundations (rounded up). A number like 10 will spawn 10 sharks for every foundation that is placed after the minimum.

Minimum Foundation Count

Sharks will only start being added once the number of foundations to your boat exceeds this number. Typically, it's set at 4.

Spawn New Sharks

New sharks will only be added if this option is enabled. Disable this option to stop sharks from automatically being spawned.

Remove All Sharks

Remove all sharks. Sharks will automatically respawn based on the number of foundations you have built.

Spawn Shark

Spawn extra sharks. New sharks will only be added by this mod automatically once the correct number of foundations have been placed.

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