Force Shark Attack

A mod for Raft
About the Force Shark Attack mod

Experience the adrenaline rush as you activate the mod to control shark attacks on your boat in the Raft game. Survive perilous voyages, gather debris, and scavenge reefs by adding an exciting twist to your oceanic adventure. Build and defend your floating home against relentless and deadly shark attacks for a heightened challenge.

Take Control of Shark Attacks

Activate this mod to take complete control of shark attacks on your boat. Feel the thrill as you force the shark to attack whenever you wish, adding a whole new level of challenge and excitement to your Raft adventures.

Enhance Survival Experience

Survive the treacherous seas of Raft by utilizing this mod to gather debris, scavenge reefs, and build your floating home while defending against deadly shark attacks. This mod enhances the survival experience with added danger and excitement.

Immersive Oceanic Adventure

Gear up for an immersive oceanic adventure in Raft with this mod. Battle to overcome the perils of the vast sea, build and defend your floating home, and experience the thrill of facing man-eating sharks to survive in this action-packed mod.

Extra Details

Force the shark to attack your boat.

This modpack contains the following mods

Attack Boat

Force the shark to attack the boat. The shark may cancel the attack if it is far away, or doesn't line up an attack properly. Activate this again if the shark starts to swim away.

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