Story Helper

A mod for Raft
About the Story Helper mod

This mod provides essential tools for expedited progression through the game's story, including instant access to Antennas, Receivers, and batteries. Additionally, it streamlines the Receiver's functionality, enabling it to operate without signal or antennas, charge batteries, print codes, and unlock locations effortlessly.

Streamline Story Progression

Effortlessly advance through the game's story with instant access to essential items like Antennas, the Receiver, and batteries, ensuring a smoother gameplay experience.

Convenient Receiver Functionality

Modify the Receiver to function without antennas, always maintain a good signal, and have a constant full battery, optimizing its performance and eliminating potential gameplay obstacles.

Efficiency and Ease

Print Receiver codes directly into the chat or unlock all locations without entering codes for added convenience, streamlining the game's mechanics and reducing tedious tasks.

Extra Details

This mod helps you to progress the story. Instantly give yourself the three required Antennas, the required Receiver and battery. Allow the receiver to work without any signal or antennas. Modify the receiver to charge batteries instead of draining them, allowing you to always have the receiver on. Print all of the codes for the receiver into the chat or instantly unlock all of the locations without entering any codes.

This modpack contains the following mods

Give Antenna

Give yourself an Antenna. Three of these are required to be placed at least one block higher than the starting height of your raft to continue with the story.

Give Receiver

Give yourself an Receiver. You need to place a Receiver to begin the story mode.

Give Simple Battery

Give yourself a Simple Battery. You need to place a Battery into the Receiver to use it.

Give Advanced Battery

Give yourself an Advanced Battery. You need to place a Battery into the Receiver to use it.

Print Receiver Codes

Prints the codes and their islands to the chat. Use enter to open the chat to scroll through and view them all.

Unlock All Islands

Types all of the codes into the receiver, unlocking the location of all islands.

Signal Always Good

Makes the receivers signal always good, even if no antennas are attached.

Battery Always Full

Makes the receivers battery always full. This will fully recharge any batteries that are placed into the receiver.

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