Time Manager

A mod for Raft
About the Time Manager mod

Unleash control over the time of day in your oceanic adventure! Customize and lock the hours to fit your style, whether you're crafting by day or exploring by night. With easy options for automatic updates and in-game time syncing, every journey across the waves becomes uniquely yours.

Master the Day and Night Cycle

Transform your gameplay by managing the day and night cycle with ease. Whether you prefer basking in sunlight while you gather resources or diving into the serenity of night, this feature lets you tailor the environment to your liking.

Seamless Time Updates

Forget the hassle of manual updates. With a simple toggle, experience the freedom of automatic time changes. Whenever you wish to switch the atmosphere, the time will adjust without the need for additional clicks.

In-Game Time Reading

Stay in sync with your surroundings by reading the exact current time from the game. This feature ensures that whatever time setting you choose will always be accurately reflected in your gameplay, keeping the experience immersive.

Extra Details

Set the time of day. Lock the time to any time of your choice.

This modpack contains the following mods

Time Of Day

Set the time of day, or lock it to a specific time.

Auto Set Time

Automatically set the time when ever you change it. You won't need to press Set Time for it to change. This option only comes into affect if the lock is disabled on the 'Time of Day' option.

Set Time

Set the time based on the 'Time of Day' option.

Read Time From Game

Read the current time from the game. The 'Time of Day' option will be updated to match the current time in game.

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