Unlock All Characters

A mod for Raft
About the Unlock All Characters mod

Unlock every character instantly in Raft, allowing you to evolve your gameplay experience without the grind. Change your character from the main menu and access unique playstyles that make your oceanic adventure even more exciting.

Dive Straight into Adventure

Forget spending hours unlocking characters through gameplay. Instead, allow yourself to dive right into the adventure with all characters available from the start. You'll be able to explore different playstyles and abilities with ease.

Multiplayer Fun at Your Fingertips

Playing with friends? Instantly unlock all characters to maximize your multiplayer experience. With each player able to choose a different character, you’ll enjoy a diverse and engaging gameplay experience together.

Explore More with Ease

Unlocking all characters means you can experiment with various abilities and moves without the grind. This means you can shift focus towards gathering debris and building your floating home, rather than worrying about character limitations.

Extra Details

Instantly unlock all characters. Do this from in game, return to the main menu and access the "Characters" menu to change your character.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlock All Characters

Instantly unlock all characters.

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